Custom website design

My custom website designs start with a mobile-friendly, responsive layout and include Search Engine Optimization through the use of metadata and web semantics, and with 15 years of Cinematography, Photography and Graphic Design and Animation experience, I can create any custom content you'll need.


Search Engine Optimization is evolving. In the past it's been all about keyword stuffing, but now it's all about mobile-friendliness, web semantics and content relevancy


Animations can add interest in and bring attention to your brand and/or specific content on your website. With simple or complex animations, it's easy to bring a website to life.


From your business logo to the layout of your website's content, graphics play an important role in your online presence. Custom graphics are often used to communicate specific messages or to convey special meanings.


Photos communicate more meaning than any amount of written text, because photos reveal information that cannot be communicated effectively or is difficult to describe in writing.


Videos increase interest in ideas more effectively than anything else on the web, because most people prefer to absorb their information passively whenever possible.


Web based apps can do anything that you want them to do. With web based apps, you can provide services to your customers or clients right on your website.

The Seaside Candyman - Seaside, Oregon

Custom Design + Custom Shopping Cart - 2017

The Crabby Oyster - Seaside, Oregon

Custom Design - 2016

Caffe Latte Seaside - Seaside, Oregon

Custom Design - 2016

Beach Day Coffee - Seaside, Oregon

Custom Design - 2016

Tsunami Sandwiches - Seaside, Oregon

Custom Design - 2016

Genuine Oregon Mistletoe - Beaverton, Oregon

Custom Design - 2016